For 4 years Exeter College has been committed to development, growth and excellence in rugby through the use of Apprenticeships.

Through a combination of passion and professionalism, we have been given the opportunity to transform the approach to rugby academy employment, support and training. 

This has been achieved through exceptional partnership support from Exeter Chiefs, Exeter College and all the staff involved with the academy at the club. Through the high levels of co-operation and in-depth knowledge of funding and delivery, a truly win-win provision has come to fruition.

Managed in partnership there is an overriding need to support all academy players regardless of future success. We develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that create motivated individuals who have clear purpose and are prepared fully for their next steps. Exceptional skills training and outstanding conditioning is what we expect from any academy. Our role is to instill confidence and meaning to all that our learners do. 

We believe that our academy programme is unique and fills a void that has not been filled elsewhere, delivering multiple benefits which impact individuals, club and the community. 

Winning and achieving success is in our DNA. We want young people to flourish, to build a stronger sport, and ensure that player development and welfare are well ahead of the game. The use of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence has been the vessel to achieve this, but it has evolved into bigger, far more comprehensive programme that meets a far wider aim. 

This stepping stone programme into professional sport is aimed at U19 players who we feel have potential to be professional rugby players in the future. Within this 12-month programme of development, player's work with Academy coaches on a number of areas in a programme specific weekly schedule. Areas include game understanding and analysis, skill acquisition, contact skills and strength and conditioning. This rugby development programme is bespoke to each player and is handled across our academy base at Exeter College as well as Sandy Park depending on the individual.

Players gain their playing experience by playing for carefully selected clubs that would benefit their development. This ranges from Championships to National 1, 2 and Southwest Premier (National 3). Games are monitored and reviewed with players on a weekly review basis. 

Current Cohort 2021/22

Will Cornish

Finn Musgrove

Frankie Nowell

Billy Orchard

Ben Parsons

Josh Pilkington

Alex Sheridan

Bailey Williams

Chiefs Honours Board (Premiership Appearance)

Josh Caulfield

Jack Maunder

Lewis Pearson

Joe Simmonds

Harvey Skinner

Marcus Street

Tom Wyatt

International Honours Board

James Kenny (U20)

Alfie Petch (U20)

Joe Simmonds (U20)

Marcus Street (U20)

Rusiate Tuima (U20)

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