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What is the Chiefs Engage Alternative Provision?

Exeter Chiefs Engage Provision uses the values of rugby to INSPIRE, SUPPORT and EDUCATE young people 11-16 years old who are disengaged from mainstream education and in need of additional support, to regain control of their academic pathway.

We understand the school environment isn’t suited to everyone. Many young people experience mental health issues, attainment challenges, behavioural problems and traumas, which can affect their education.

During a maximum of 15 hours per week, young people visit our Exeter hub located at Exeter Saracens RFC to take part in a wide range of social and emotional development opportunities, creating an environment that is specific to addressing their needs and challenges.

Benefits of the programme:

Targeted support:

Many of the young people we support have mental health issues, academic struggles, behavioural problems, or traumas that have affected their education. Each student fills in a progression passport and our staff work closely with the referrer and their supportive network, allowing us to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Engagement through activities:

Physical, social and emotional development opportunities allow young people to heal, grow, have fun and create memorable experiences, helping them to see the positives in everyday life.

Positive impact:

By taking participants out of their everyday routines and engaging them in a range of activities we can see enhancements in their confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills, providing them with essential tools to break down barriers and face life's challenges.

Holistic wellbeing:

Mindfulness and creative sessions promote overall wellbeing to enhance mental and emotional health, teach new skills and coping strategies. Young people also can work with referral agencies for counselling and other support networks.

High staff-to-pupil ratio:

A high staff-to-pupil ratio ensures that each young person's individual needs are met. This approach creates a safe and supportive environment, allowing the participants to reach their highest levels of personal achievement and take pride in themselves.

Re-integration and re-engagement:

The ultimate goal of the Engage programme is to reintegrate and re-engage every young person in learning and put them on a positive path toward their future. We use mentors to support reintegration, and this will continue through their academic journey.

Work Experience Opportunities and Enrichment:

Engage understands the importance of practical skills and work opportunities, we have a unique opportunity to offer supported work experience opportunities within the stadium and with local businesses, furnishing the young people with hands on experiences in an array of work settings.

Guest Speakers and Educational Topics:

Engage invites guest speakers to cover important topics such as health, relationships, and crime. By highlighting the dangers and consequences of certain behaviours, the programme helps young people become more aware of potential risks and make informed choices.

If you would like to apply or register interest in our Chiefs Engage Alternative Provision programme please Click Here

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