Accessibility at Sandy Park

Exeter Rugby is committed to providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience at Sandy Park, accommodating spectators with any form of disability. Sandy Park offers wheelchair positions, carer seating, easy access seating, toilet provisions and Accessibility Stewards to enhance your visit.



  • Where spectators have other mobility impairments (e.g. frail/elderly, on crutches, etc.) and require accessibile parking, they can inform the Club in advance and the Club will make every effort to reserve an appropriate parking place and ground seating.
  • Free accessible shuttle buses are available from Exeter Business Park, Grenadier Road, Exeter (EX1 3UT).
  • Additional accessible parking is available for pre-booking at Pynes Hill (5 minutes from the stadium with all buses wheelchair accessible). To pre-book, please contact [email protected]
  • Please note, each bus can only accommodate one wheelchair and whilst the buses run every few minutes, there may be a wait at busy times.
  • Please check with the driver for the pickup location at the stadium and timings for return.


Digby and Sowton Station has a ramp for train access and step free access to the platform via a ramp & bridge from the station car park. The route from Digby and Sowton Station to Sandy Park is fully wheelchair accessible. Please be aware that this station has no tactile paving on the platform edge. Please take extra care when using this station.

Newcourt Station also has a ramp for train access and step free access to the platform. Please note there is however stepped access between Newcourt Station to Old Rydon Lane.



All buses are wheelchair accessible, although only the Pynes Hill car park provides a shuttle bus that drops off outside the stadium gates. The others drop off outside the stadium and may require access via a curb. 

Please note each bus can only accommodate one wheelchair and there may be a wait at busy times.



Entry to seating in the West Grandstand must be made through the North turnstile to gain access to the upper concourse and the South turnstile for seating around the pitch circulation areas. Both turnstiles have specific Disabled and Carer turnstiles as indicated by signage above. Accessibility Stewards will be available to assist.



Sandy Park offers wheelchair positions, carer seating, easy access seating, toilet provisions and Accessibility Stewards to enhance your visit. There is provision for 58 spectators in wheelchairs at set locations around the stadium and seating is readily available for any helpers to sit close by.



Wheelchair accessible toilets are available in the West Grandstand, to the rear of the East Grandstand (Radar key) and behind the North Terrace. All bars and catering outlets are accessible, however, low level counters are not in use. Please ask an Accessibility Steward or member of staff for assistance if required.



If a visually or hearing impaired spectator requires the assistance of a guide dog, the dog will be allowed access to the Ground. Other assistance dogs are permitted into the ground only at the discretion of club officials depending on circumstances. If required, a suitable seating or terrace location will be provided where the dog can comfortably rest. Guide dogs may also be admitted into the Clubhouse. Please contact [email protected] in advance of your visit.



For those visitors with a hearing impairment, we do have Hearing Loops available. If you do require one of these please contact [email protected] in the week before the game so we can get this set up accordingly.



Where a disabled person’s condition requires the attendance of a personal assistant, the Club will admit the personal assistant free of charge on receipt of supporting documentation. The Exeter Chiefs complimentary personal assistant ticket policy accepts the following forms of documentation:

  • Proof of entitlement of middle or higher rate of Disability Living Allowance – mobility or care component (DLA)
  • Proof of entitlement of enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Please be advised:

  • We do not accept Blue/Orange badges as proof of disability.
  • A companion ticket is not eligible to gain entry to any of our events unless in attendance with a visitor who has purchased an accessible ticket.

All accessible tickets & parking must be purchased by emailing [email protected].

For additional information, or to discuss accessibility options, please contact [email protected].

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